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my Brexit shopping list ?3

By and large most equities haven't gone on sale to the extent I'd hoped for, but I suppose that is consistent with the attitude I've espoused on Brexit from the beginning.  There are a few, though.  Here they are, along with some thoughts:

These are in addition to BGCP and MX, which I've thought were great values all along.  Market declines continue to exceed Euro/USD declines, in what looks to me like a transfer of capital from those who were foolish enough to think that last night's vote was a foregone conclusion.  I continue to see that as a short-term phenomena for U.S. stocks, and bargains in such a situation often peak in the final hour of trading, especially on a Friday.  That doesn't rule out some carryover beyond today, but I am willing to cautiously take advantage of what I believe will prove to be some good long-term entry points.