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ACCC rejects Google concessions for Fitbit and more -3

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has rejected Google's offer of a court-enforceable promise on its behavior following the acquisition of Fitbit.  FIT shares are down 5% in early trading, which puts them in buy any further dips territory for me.  We're still waiting for a decision on Oracle vs Google and can hope that the ITC will stick to its mid-January schedule.  Both of these decisions are more important than Australia in my eyes, and all of it is dwarfed by the pending U.S. response.  I still think that chances are that Google will close on the deal sometime in the late spring.

Also of note today, though not stock moving, is Resonant adding the former CTO of Skyworks to its advisory board.

The onslaught of press releases from Vuzix continues with hype about the sale of around a half dozen M-400 smart glasses to a Fortune 100 general merchandise retailer to perform remote fulfillment center training, and the first AR knee replacement surgery in the U.S.