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Fitbit 4Q19 schedule and confirmations ?3

Fitbit has scheduled the release of it fourth quarter numbers for the evening of February 20th.  Nine analysts still cover the company and the average of their estimates comes to 3 cents of EPS from $519M of holiday revenue, dropping back to $271M this quarter. 

It gives me no pleasure to say I told you so on Sprint+T-mobile; I'd much rather have press that is free of Wall St. meddling than profits.  However, that arbitrage now being in the rearview may begin to narrow the 15% remaining on FIT. 

Another point of correctness that I take no joy from is the possible cancellation of Mobile World Congress due to virus fears.  It's the safe thing to do, though, and Europe is also looking saner by the day as compared to America.  I think it will eventually prove to be greener pastures for Covanta, which just closed financing on Newhurst, but we should signs of the continent really starting to assert its financial independence sometime after July.  Hopefully the labor reforms I've talked about can come in the years that follow, with improving international clout, but that is still far from certain.  Even so, I'm finding ample profit and less risk with values and simple arbitrages, as opposed to chasing a market that is being unsustainably inflated.