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Fitbit schedules 1Q19 report and new candidate ?2

Fitbit has scheduled its first quarter report for May 1st, after market close. Average analyst estimates are for a loss 22 cents per share on $250M in sales increasing to $313M this quarter.  I will monitor this and future reports for a while, but do not intend to write about them unless there is some surprise.  Questions are always welcome, but both the business and shares have pretty much always performed right in line with my projections.

For full disclosure, I may eventually move FIT to the public section and replace it with VUZI, which has just announced improved yields for the wave guides used in its smart glasses.  Those of you who've asked questions about Vuzix over the years may even be surprised to recognize it as lucrative former short of mine, back when shares were over $7.  Lack of quantification on the yield means that its probably still too early, but I strive for transparency in my research.