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ExOne, eMagin schedule 2Q17 and oil notes ?3

ExOne has scheduled the report on its second quarter to be released after market close on August 9th.  Just two analysts are still covering the company, and on average they expect it to lose 16 cents per share on $14.8M in sales, with current quarter revenue improving to $16.7M.

I still see no reason to own XONE shares at present.  The industry is moving forward, and it's hard to find evidence that ExOne is keeping pace.


eMagin has scheduled its second quarter report to take place before market open on Thursday, August 10th.  Three analyst projections average out to a loss of 5 cents per share on $6M in sales, with current quarter average revenue estimates at $7.1M. 

The VR/AR market continues to struggle to find a way forward, and I continue to think that eMagin can be a part of the solution.  However, it will need to find a partnership that allows it to do so without diluting shareholders.  The rebate rate is just below 2%.


I will be listening to the Patterson conference call at 10am this morning, but will probably not report further on it.  Feel free to ask questions.  The company turned in a good report:

which was misread on some sites.  PTEN may erase some of its losses this morning, and there is also reason for optimism from Schlumberger's report.  That company is continuing its push to manage and even finance the entire oil cycle.  However, there is excessive danger as well.  Many countries  are looking at banning gas vehicle sales entirely, although not for decades, with the exception of Norway.  Thus the timing of developments is critical when it comes to oil-related investments, and I'll probably discuss that again in conjunction with Energy Recovery's report next week.