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more MVIS dilution and new email source -4

MicroVision used the old file-on-Friday-evening motif to raise $60M and dilute shareholders in the process.  As always, the impact will depend on the terms, which we ought to see early this week.  At recent share prices, the offering would represent over 50% dilution, which is massive.  There has been some speculation that this, in combination with the CEO change, is a harbinger of investment from one of the company's unnamed development clients.  I hope that's right, but I'm doubtful.  In any case, it would still be the terms that matter.

While we wait for those, please note that this is the first email being sent directly from the CrowdWisers domain.  I'm sending it from gmail also, and if you get the email from both sources, all is well.  If not, please check spam and let me know.  This is the only note that will be sent twice like this.  Phasing out gmail allows the website to be updated in real time. 

Subjects will also now start with the rank, which should allow you to assess notes more quickly, and possibly filter them with your email client.  More enhancements will follow on the website.