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MicroVision license agreement could be the Magic Leap +4

MicroVision has announced a license agreement with an original device manufacturer in Taiwan whereby the Taiwanese company can make and sell Laser Beam Scanning engines and MicroVision will receive a royalty on each engine sold.  Apparently this early fruit from the co-marketing agreement with STMicro, and the device(s) being made will incorporate some components from that source.

I continue to see lots of potential for MicroVision technology, and the next real clue on the pace of development will be any demos at CES in January.  In particular, a company called Magic Leap seems to be coming out of the shadows a little more, with articles all over the place this year.  Most recently, a Forbes writeup suggests that it will be going public with eye wear that almost certainly uses technology of this sort within 18 months.  There is no guarantee that MicroVision will be in the product, but a license in Taiwan is a good sign, and essentially revenue that requires no additional capital expenditure.